chalk ‘n talk

Chalk ‘n Talk

Art Installation December 20, 2010 The Loft, Art Annex, Victoria BC.

The ideas for Chalk ‘n Talk are from my knowledge and history of art as an artist and as an art teacher.

The  materials, objects and physical acts of  shredding paper, nailing lath, spray painting ponies and stencilling chalk allowed me to collect and disperse thoughts into new formations of artist/teacher identity. Essential to being an effective teacher is having an active practice – it is through continued development of my work that I am able to offer my students a rich environment to encourage exploration and support them as they build their own creative communities.

materials: chalk, stencils, ink, spray paint, my little ponies, string, tampons, books, wallpaper, dresses, shredded paper (5 years of notes, assignments, memos), new and used lath, nails, skateboard and intercom system.

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