A Physicalization of a hashtag cloud

Hashtags: user-generated tags used in virtual space, the subject/word content of a blogsite or tweet

25 white balloons, 50 paper tags with recently used hashtag, string/1hour duration

#abandoned, art school, books, book stack, chalk, comics, drawing, experimental, families, film, Finland, found, friend, graphite, home, inception, indigenous, ink, library, me, mydeathspace, my little pony, mirror, neuromancer, nurse, old, oldthink, old house, opera, paper, pencil, performance, phantoms photographs, seltzer, shadow, shred, sketchbook, stencil, stitch, topophilia, topophobia, vintage, writing, young, youngthink

Open Actions Performance Collective, 18/02/11, Bastion SQ. Victoria BC.

search popular hashtags http://hashtags.org/

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