a pocketful of fur

I am investigating the texture and the feel of both the present and the past; aunt Lillian’s Vintage mink fur coat c.1930, Models, Brownie Hawkeye, Olympus OM-1 cameras, Iflord HP-5, Fuji and Tri-X films    





Thanks much, lovely models.

The beautiful Lillian on a swing c.1929, her sense of style is always an inspiration to me.


  1. Melissa said:

    I remember this coat! Great Aunt Lillian was my hero growing up! I could have spent hours in her room.

  2. jenn said:

    cool beans!
    Love that aunt Lillian would wear fur on the farm. Seems like something one would wear to the opera…not to Wapella for groceries! haha I guess thing were different then. But…hey, rock one Lillian!

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