clay body

Clay Body (Geophagy) clay harvested from Mount Douglas, washed in filtered water, kneaded and eaten, July 11, 2012

This project is an observation of dislocation and change. I ask myself “Who am I Where?” Where am I here? When am I when?


– Absolute location describes a position on the surface of the Earth

48° 29′ 46.77″ N 123° 19′ 54.87″ W the beach of Mount Douglas Park

– In electrical engineering, ground or earth can refer to a direct physical connection to the Earth

– A young person who is grounded is supposed to stay in one location

– Common ground is a concept that refers to the “mutual knowledge, mutual beliefs, and mutual assumptions”

– Ground can also mean solid surface or reduced to particles

– From an first people’s perspective spirit and knowledge, ancestral and modern comes from the land

smells of dust after rain, Petrichor

melts in your mouth like chocolate

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