Hits List (b-side)

A list of works as self-portrait and as representations of my self as an artist.

Significant projects, challenges, processes and times: Actions personal and political 2010-2102, Erasure 2009, Documentation 2005-2008 and Rememory 1990-2000. Broad sense, I am most interested in the past and make projects where the past and future collide. Memory and time are conductive threads in my work as are chance, forgetting and illusion. Books are source of solace for me and fuel my imagination and creative process.

Brushing and Burning horsehair brush, action, Actions personal and political 2010-2102 (place, cleansing, action, durational, performance). This approach to my practice is a collaborative effort with Open Actions performance collective.

“So now I have become a decorative drawing an organized surface in black and white and yet I heard myself breathe, is it really a drawing, its it really I.”  Poems to Myself  Pierre Albert-Birot

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? text, spray paint, Actions personal and political 2010-2102 (place, public, private, personal, commercial, impulse). Unauthorized text messages collide with property-is it inviting, offending or is it a way to participate and personalize commercialized urban space.

Your Words My Mouth book, teeth, masticated text, Erasure 2009-2011 (erasure, cancellation, ingestion)

“I knew that it (Neuromancer) was to be published, if I could finish it and if the editor accepted the manuscript, both of which seemed constantly unlikely, as a paperback original-that most ephemeral of literary units, a pocket-sized slab of prose meant to fit a standard wire rack, printed on high-acid paper and visibly yearning to return to the crude pulp which it had been pressed.” Introduction to the 20th anniversary edition of Neuromancer William Gibson.

Graphite Covers 100 graphite objects and counting…found objects, graphite 2009-ongoing (erasure, cancellation, negative space, forgetting, cleansing, shadow); the initiation of matter in two stages cleansing and graying to produce a new matter.

“My Shadow forms a resonant shell” Skin and Bone Maxime Alexandre

Rusty Library book, tape, box, rust paint Erasure 2005-2009 (storage, retrieval, system, epistemology, decay, miniature). Box Studio cigar boxes, laundered paper, lens, dollhouse furniture, Erasure 2002-2009, 22 caliber bullets, pencil shavings, rope, light bulb (storage, retrieval, system, epistemology, decay, miniature)

“Every book she read became a riddle without a solution, a trail of clues that wound back upon itself, a labyrinth in which she caught tantalizing glimpses of other books, magical and terrifying, that she would never read.” The Gryphon Jorge Luis Borges


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