She Walks. She Hides.6 Art Walks.

Duration, Exertion, Disappearance

Mimicking for defense, for survival, humor, fun, and deception.


She walks. She hides. 6 of 6 art walks. 1.6km, 29mins, Qu’applle Valley (Photo credit SeanPizza)


She walks. She hides. 5 of 6 art walks. Oak Bay, 700m, 8mins (Photo credit PandaOdds)


She walks. She hides. 4 of 6 art walks, Cattle Point, 3.3km, 40mins

She walks. She hides. 3 of 6 art walks -road to Gonazales Hill, 1.3km, 29:59 duration, (photo credit SeanPizza)greatbigheadBrenda

She Walks. She Hides. 2 of 6 Mystic Beach, 4k, 50mins, May 8.


She walks. She hides. 1 of 6 Mystic Vale, 10.33km, 2.35hrs, April23




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