stone language (teaching a stone to talk), chalk, stone, language, 1 hour duration, Open Actions performance collective, Cattle Point, Victoria BC

Word Boxing 2011 Ministry of Casual Living

Words selected from a 99 day argument painted on re-purposed cardboard/tin boxes with ink, plant dyes, photographic dyes and acrylic paint; inside each box, not visible to the viewer, are dried plants: willow, lavender, oak, lichen, mullein, pine, heather, snowberry, tobacco, cannabis, prairie sage, cedar, sage, redwood and poppy.

If : Then

If it is true that people have a deep desire in their psyche to be consistent in attitudes and behaviors, then we want to feel in agreement and unified in thought and action. Inner harmony appeals to everyone, and so when we feel a discord or dissonance within ourselves, or conflict with others, we strive to decrease this tension by either changing our original thought, giving strength to the opposing thought, or letting go of the behavior. Word Boxing is an exercise in decreasing dissonance as it is threatening to experience such a large break in rationale that dissonance often creates.

based on daily conversations, montana paint on film tins, 2011


Sign Post, walnut ink, photo dyes and paper on mahogany, 2011.

This project inspired by lyrics from the song Boxer by Tla OT

from the album Darklight by Lovers